Kedarkantha is such a popular winter journey that it may be called the Winter Treks Queen. In winter snow, hugely spectacular views from the peak and the lovely and simple trails make it famous for walkers. The ‘easy to stay track’ through Govind National Park’s thick pine trees. Views from the summit to 12,500 ft above sea level are worth climbing. The Kedarkantha trip will provide you an unmatched view of the sky, luxury meadows, snow trails, beautiful hamlet areas, and the scented pine forests.

How to reach Kedarkantha Trek?

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek has good access to most of Uttarakhand’s key cities. The following guide provides thorough data on how Kedarkantha Trek can be accessed by road, train, or flight. Kedarkantha is a site you absolutely must visit once in a lifetime, embedded in magnificent tranquility, a quiet environment, and many adventures to explore. If you live in Delhi, how to get Kedarkantha from Delhi is the most typical issue for you while you are making the initial stage towards your Kedaekantha trek? Well, there are various ways you can go from Delhi to Kedarkantha from bus to train to airplanes.

Things to carry on Kedarkantha Trek

Woolen garments such as sweaters, thermals, glove pairs, caps, mufflers, socks:: Three to five layers of heavy and full clothing are minimal in winter as the weather may be unexpected. For summer excursions, light woolen is enough. Sun-screen creams, lip-balm, headlamp, UV-protected batteries. accessories like sunglasses. Diamox medicines for illness at altitude, important headache medicines, stomach upset and medicines for normal purposes, band-aids, volini spray, and other drugs.

Best time to visit Kedarkantha Trek

Not many are aware that winter snow starts at the Kedarkantha journey in mid-December, lasting until the third April week. You probably will find snow just when you cross the 10,000-meter line and lie between pine trees on the forest floor. The Kedarkantha trek would be your best pick when it comes to trekking in India in winter. Kedarkantha is making an excellent walk-in virgin snow from December to April, with beautiful campsites and amazingly large clearings throughout the forest. Then go on the Kedarkantha Trek if you wish to hike the Himalayas in winter.

Level of difficulty of Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trekking difficulty levels fall from simple to moderate, according to experienced hikers. This walk can go to anyone over the age of 5 and under the age of 65. Nevertheless, you must know that the difficulty of Kedarkantha trekking in winter is increasing. The whole trail is covered by a snow layer from December to April which makes it rather difficult to stroll or to climb. As previously noted, the tour starts at Sankri at 6,500 feet and is located around 10 kilometers from the summit. Once you start to hike, you can walk roughly 4 km a day for around 3 days to the peak.

Reasons to do Kedarkantha Trek?

To summit, Kedarkantha is a trekking high and it applies the same discipline of adventures. You rest the night before the top in the base camp, waking up early in the morning (2-3 AM). The entire experience of walking at midnight in the cold freezing weather and seeing the sunrise from the top of a mountain with head-torches appears to be a demo of the high peaks. On a far smaller scale alone.

Places to visit during Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a thrill summit hike suited for beginners in the proximity of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. Resting at 3810 m above sea level, the mountain provides splendid 360° views of some renowned Himalayan peaks such as Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Black Peak, Yamunotri Ranglana, and Gangotri. One reason for the popularity of this hike is the ascent to the summit. The paths of Kedarkantha combine all the intricacies and the obstacles of a summit experience, but on a much lower level, start in the tiny hours of the morning at cold temperatures and light headlamps under the breaking dawn.

About the locals of Kedarkantha

A little village called Sankri starts the Kedarkantha Trek. There are good highway connections to Sankri and the capital of the state of Uttarakhand is 200 KM distant from Dehradun. Kedarkantha is a 3,800 m high or around 2,500-foot high mountain summit. 1900 meters above sea level at Sankri village. To reach the Kedarkantha summit from the settlement Sankri implies a substantial 1900 meter increase in altitude (approx). The journey from Sankri to Sankri may be performed easily in four days, requiring 3 different camps to be set up on the mountain. But those who prefer more pleasure and excitement in presenting themselves with a bigger challenge might also try completing the entire walk in two or three days.

Some facts about Kedarkantha

At a height of 3800 meters, Kedarkantha is a picturesque summit in the Uttarakhand district’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. Kedarkantha is dedicated to Lord Shiva, because of its relative ease of access and gradual slope, it is one of the most popular tours in Uttarakhand. A solitary winter Kedarkantha trek is relatively safe to plan, although I should stress that it depends very greatly on your preparedness. The right equipment you may or may not need during the walk should be provided. You must be prepared for any adversity that might occur.