The thing about government websites is that they are not really driven by a profit motive and hence it is often seen that their aesthetics and visual appeal, often lag behind other websites. But that being said there’s no reason why the best government websites can’t take advantage of some of the most latest and eye-catching trends that the other websites use to stellar effect. Every year brings with itself some trends that the best government websites can use to take their websites to the next level. Read on further to know the top 5 trends that the best government websites can use to take their websites to the next level. So without much further ado, let’s get straight into it.

  1. Layouts that are content-focused :- Content is king and this applies more to government websites than the other websites out there. Government websites need to get their ‘content’ bit in order because it is one of their main jobs to keep all the citizens in their community informed. Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of the best government websites that are designed specifically to give various types of content the prominence and easy-access that they so very richly deserve. Thus it is so common to see the best government websites use content like photo galleries, posts, social media pots and valuable information in very prominent display on their websites.
  • Bold and Beautiful Colors :- Over the past couple of years it has been seen that there has been a definitive shift of some websites towards minimalist web design that entails use of loads of white space, much clean-looking pages, and non-obtrusive fonts that are delicate as well as thin. In 2021, it has become all about using colors that are bright, bold as well as vibrant. Everyone who is something on the internet right from small to large digital influencers are proactively using more and more colors to make a solid statement. There is no reason to suggest why the best government websites can’t incorporate bold and beautiful colors into their web design for desired results.
  • Moving Animation :- Advancements in web browsers as well as programming languages have ensured that today it has become much easier than ever before to apply animations to websites. Animation is actually one of the most wonderful ways to tell stories, convey feelings and also to demonstrate the beauty of a community. Almost all websites out there are proactively using moving animations in their scheme of things and there’s no reason why the best government websites shouldn’t hop on this trend.
  • No more stock imagery :- Stock photos can be easily identified in an instant. In today’s day and age, visitors are sick and tired of stock imagery and that’s why one of the main trends in 2021 is going to be a much greater use of stock imagery that is custom as well as expressive. Many government websites have already begun to use this trend in their scheme of things and the best government websites are expected to follow suit, sooner than later. You can expect this trend to be very noticeable in government website design in the times to come. Government websites should look to pick photos that represent their real-life community and everything that is popular about said community.
  • Flat Design :- In the past couple of years, it used to be very popular to portion-off individual areas of content into self contained areas. The result was the appearance of a lot of sites with boxy elements like main squared photos and below that there used to be around three boxes of text which further would be accompanied by three aligned square photos. In 2021, things are expected to change as designs are expected to become much more open and boundless.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the top 5 trends that the best government websites should use in 2021. Even when they are not really driven by profit motives, the government websites should try to provide the best possible experience to all of their visitors, and using these top 5 trends is surely a means towards that end.