In any electronic production facility, maintaining the highest safety standards is not only crucial but compulsory as well. Using some best static control equipment along with advanced tools, you can assure highly secure and reliable repair and maintenance tasks to ensure smooth workflow. For this, you need to equip your electronic mechanics and technicians with high-quality tools and equipment. Henchman Products is a leading supplier of Snap-on toolkits and some other exclusive quality tools and toolkits which will transform the entire procedure through which you managed your electric circuits. You need to offer perfect ergonomic a high-quality tools to your employees in order to achieve desired outcomes.

The amount of precision and expertise that your technical staff will get through high-quality tools and equipment will enable them to keep things moving and will also enhance the durability of machines and plants for the uninterrupted manufacturing process. In this post, we have discussed some exclusive electronic tools and equipment that you can consider for your day-to-day repair and maintenance tasks.

Soldering Equipment

You can easily explore the extensive range of high-quality soldering equipment from Henchman. All the soldering tools and equipment represent a famous brand Hakko. Whether it is Hakko soldering station, Hakko desoldering, Hakko hot air, or Hakko rework stations, all these equipment will be best for performing any electrical repair or maintenance task that requires unmatched precision and control. You can get portable soldering irons, rework tweezers and spares, Atten soldering iron, and everything that is related to soldering.

Production & laboratory Equipment

There are ample lab and production equipment that is required for the smooth performance of your business. As there is great risk in performing day-to-day tasks at a lab, hence, safe handling and secured tools are key elements to attaining successful outcomes. At Henchman, you can explore Component counter, component forming equipment, Ultrasonic cleaners, and a good range of workbenches too. Lab equipment should always be branded as there is a great risk while performing tasks at labs. Hence, offering high-quality tools and equipment will keep you on the safe edge and will also eliminate the danger of any casualties at the workplace.

Static Control equipment

You can now easily make your ESD sensitive work area absolutely secure with an extensive range of static control equipment including ESD clothing, Palm-fit gloves, ESD wrist straps, mats, ionizers, chairs, ESD PCB racks, and conductive Tote Boxes. The better static control equipment you use the less long-term costs will be incurred in the future when any electrical equipment fails. Apart from expenses, the safe work environment that you create by offering such equipment to your employees allows them to give their best.

Test & Measurement Equipment

You can explore a wide range of Fluke electronic test and measurement tools from Henchman. These tools and equipment include digital multimeters, electrical testers, thermometers, analyzers, meters, and accessories like leads, probes, and carry cases. Mechanics and technicians need to perform various checks through these tools and equipment to ensure a safe and hassle-free workflow at the company. Offering them the best tools and equipment in the industry will unleash their fullest potential resulting in enhanced productivity.

Torque Control & Testing

There is ample work where tightening and fastening screws and bolts becomes an indispensable part of a mechanic’s job. You can now explore some world-famous brands in torque tools including Wiha and Gedore. You can get everything from torque hand tools to handheld transducerized torque fasteners. Henchman is an official partner of Desoutter Specialized torque tools and its staff is also trained efficiently by Desoutter engineers to understand the technicalities better.

You can also order customized tool kits from Henchman and avail the benefits of being an expert in your field. Handy and branded tools are key factors in attaining precision and perfection in repair and maintenance tasks.